This is better illustrated by critical care outcomes, where we easily exceed the rest of the world. Even with our uninsured population factored in, we tend to outperform them on outcomes.
That’s why I said it was a thought experiment.
Kady M.

Sorry Kady, I don’t see any data that backs that claim at all, quite contrary actually. It is difficult, I admit to find truly up to date numbers but even the historical trend doesn’t support anything of such, from what I run into.

Here’s what I have as a comparison based on the latest data I have seen. Still it’s old enough data that the ACA isn’t well represented as near as I can tell. It does however, divide care into different categories and access is just one of the rankings so I have to think that the other rankings are not skewed by access.

I like conversing with you because you are nuts and bolts data driven.

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