Alliant Power Steps Up And Solves Your Problem

The parts business is a pretty big business. One can only estimate how many parts there are in this world. It seems like every vehicle introduced tries to recreate the wheel and the engineers redesign everything… every time.

With parts changing so frequently, many companies are moving away from rebuilding parts and are moving towards remanufacturing replacement parts. The big issue here, is that many companies try and source the pieces as cheaply as possible. This usually results in the manufacturing moving overseas where the metal available is of much lower quality.

The companies that opt to rebuild or remanufacture parts generally don’t face the same issue. While they will look to reduce cost manufacturing replacement parts within an assembly, they generally will keep the manufacturing in the US and offer top quality parts. Then when it is time to resell the part, they aren’t selling based on price, they are selling based on quality.

Image by Alliant Power via Sutter Photographers.

A great example of this is Alliant Power. They not only are one of the premier Ford diesel parts remanufactures in the aftermarket, they are usually one of the first to offer something. Recently, they released a remanufactured High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) for the Ford 6.4L Power Stroke engine. These engines were only manufactured for two years and
most companies aren’t concerned with addressing the needs of 6.4L owners.

As of time of publishing, Alliant is actually the only company to offer this HPFP remanufactured kit. The kit includes all of the gaskets and hardware needed to fix your tired or worn out HPFP. They are so confident with this pump that they are willing to back their pumps with a 13 month, unlimited mileage warranty, that does include labor!

For more info, on this and all of their other components they offer, make sure and check out their website or visit their Facebook.

This article was written by Chad Westfall, and was originally posted on Diesel Army on January 28th, 2015. Diesel Army is the Internets newest and only all digital magazine for the diesel lover in all of us.

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