Warranty Comparison — Alliant Power vs. OE

Between 2002 and 2013 the Alliant Power warranty was considered one of the best in the diesel parts distribution business. A 13 month, unlimited mile, parts AND labor warranty on all defective parts in material and workmanship. It was hard to find any other manufacturer that would pay labor, but we did, because we knew your time was valuable. That was up against a 12 month, unlimited mile, parts ONLY warranty that the OE dealer offered. Chalk one up for the good guys! (That’s us BTW.)

I know what you’re thinking, “That was then. What has changed since 2013?” Nothing. We still believe we have the best warranty in the business.

Sometime in 2013 the OE began to push a new warranty policy. And let me tell you, shops and technicians are eating it up like it’s candy. A 2 year, unlimited mile, parts AND labor warranty. Whoa! Game changer, right? No. Although it sounds great that they doubled the time period over Alliant Power and added SOME labor to their offering, it’s very important to look at the fine print. Well, it’s not very fine actually. It’s present at shops all over the country. Here is one of their new service counter mats highlighting the new policy.

See what they did there? They limited the labor reimbursement to $150. What if your shop rate is $100? What if that job took 5 hours to redo? My guess is that you’d be pretty upset that you’re out $350. Alliant Power would pay the full amount of $500 if that’s what is mentioned online at AllDATA, the online solution for OE repair. www.alldatapro.com We pay your shop rate when it comes to reimbursement. Not some $30 dollars an hour some wizard came up with.

Usually the next argument is, “well, the OE is still 2 years and the Alliant Power warranty is only 13 months. I’ll take my chances.” You’ll see in the chart below that 72% of Alliant Power warranties are submitted within the first 6 months of the product being installed in the engine. At the conclusion of our warranty period, less than 1% of product is being submitted for warranty. This is a testament to the quality of product we are providing and in some cases, re-manufacturing. I’ll go out on a limb here and guess the OE has done similar research, and know this to be true with their product as well. They are offering 2 years when they know the likelihood of a submission is few and far between in that second year.

If product from the OE and Alliant Power are having similar rates of return, wouldn’t you want to work with a company that is going to pay you more in labor? I’ll assume you don’t work for free.

The last argument a lot of folks have is that our warranty isn’t nationwide. That is untrue as well. While the OE has dealerships all over the country that will do the repair, we have great coverage as well performed by experts in fuel injection. www.diesel.org. We don’t quite have the coverage they do but a dealer is never that far away. We’ll get you there. All Alliant Power Service Dealers will handle your warranty. The product doesn’t need to be returned and submitted to the place you bought the product from. Leave the hassle to us. Here is a list of shops ready and willing to help you. We are nearing 500 authorized dealers. http://alliantpower.com/dealer-locator.

So, the warranty offered by Alliant Power is adequate to cover defects in materials and in workmanship. Although shorter, the Alliant Power warranty provides better protection to our customer base when it comes to money back in your pocket. If you’re still unsatisfied with something. Pick up the phone. We’ll work with you!! 866–283–1785

See the entire warranty policy. http://alliantpower.com/warranty-policy.

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