I thought I would try this whole blog thing. These first two months have been full of new people, new experiences, and new places. So I think I will talk about that!

I have met some really cool people here. I would say my best friend would be this girl named Brittany. She loves nature. And when I say she loves nature, I mean she LOVES nature. If she sees any sort of living creature or cool plant, she low key freaks out. She definitely makes me laugh. Brittany has a kind heart and we always adventure to new beaches or hikes on our free time. She looks Hawaiian so whenever we go somewhere, we just say I am her haole friend. (It is her birthday tomorrow. I am going to surprise her with some things she loves)

As many have asked, yes I have gone surfing. I stood up three times and with the wind blowing in my face, I felt as if I was experiencing a whole new sensation. Though the rashes from the board were gnarly, the surfing itself was so worth it.

One night Brittany, another friend Katy, and I decided to meet up with this group of people who were camping on the north shore. We went and got there after dark. Where we were was not a camp ground. It was literally tents in the woods with the beach about 30 feet away. Of course us kids were being loud and a security guard showed up. We all began to freak out a little because by this time it was about 1:00 am and we were many miles away from school. No one had a car and there were no ubers near by. What were we going to do? We could’t sleep there and there was no way to get home. Thankfully the security guard was really cool and he told us about a beach that was only a mile away. At this beach, people can sleep with out a tent. So the 30ish college kids walked a mile in the middle of the night to this beach and the second we got to the beach we all pulled out our blankets and literally slept on the beach. Waking up the next day was amazing. This beach was small but had sea glass! I love sea glass. The night was on the cooler side but the second the sun woke up, so did the heat. We went and got Acai bowls and went to a different beach. Eventually we figured out what bus to take to get back to school. Though the bus ride was 3 hours, the adventure was definitely memorable.

Last Friday I went on a new hike to a waterfall. Just another casual beautiful scene. I went with some girls I met on a church retreat the weekend before. We had a great time, took lots of photos (posted on my facebook) and got bobba after. I would consider that to be a pretty awesome day.

I think I am going to like this whole blog thing.

Until next time,

Allison Hilliard