That Buzzword “Storytelling”

Story telling has been around for ages and is one of the most common ways to write is telling a story. In advertising, telling a story has become the norm and almost every ad you see nowadays has a storytelling element to it along with an emotional appeal. What counts as storytelling is something that has an obvious plot line with detail and emotion. I especially see storytelling in advertising today because emotion is what connects us to advertisements. Many experts believe storytelling is a buzzword and is used too much and many believe that the practice of storytelling works and will outlive the buzzword, for example in the article, “Once Upon a Time: Is Storytelling Just another Buzzword?” Storytelling is what gets viewers of ads or readers to change the way they think or be able to connect to the ad because of their personal experiences. Storytelling creates a deep impact and when it is used in advertising, that is what makes people think about their product and the story they told and it maybe changes their mind to wanting to buy that product or use the service that is being advertised. Storytelling also gave a new approach to advertising. Instead of seeing the in your face advertisements saying “buy this” and “buy that,” viewers find it refreshing when there is a heartfelt and emotional story to watch on the advertisement. Storytelling has allowed many companies to gain a better image and make better advertisements. Emotion is used a lot today in advertisement and I personally don’t think it will be getting old soon.