When I started my undergraduate degree at University of Maryland I knew I wanted to major in computer science, and I’d known that for years. My 10 year plan was this:

  1. Graduate with an undergraduate computer science degree quickly
  2. Get married
  3. Move back to Massachusetts to live near my parents
  4. Work as a programmer for 5 years (no thoughts on where I would work)
  5. Buy a house
  6. Quit my job to have four kids and be a full time mom

Turns out, I was pretty wrong about what the next 10 years would actually look like. For starters, am now the CEO of a startup, Mapistry. At 18, I didn’t know what a startup was, I didn’t have any ambitions of being an entrepreneur or of running a company. …

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Everything you’ve read has probably told you that to get a meeting with a VC you need to get an introduction. This is only partly true. …


Allie Janoch

CEO of @mapistry. Ran @HFA Berkeley office. Engineer at @IQEngines (acquired by Yahoo). Yoga, backpacking, and chocolate enthusiast.

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