A Millennial’s Manifesto

We know what you’re saying about us.

Yes, we read. Sure, we pay attention to the news.

We’re narcissistic. We’re lazy. We’re entitled.

That’s what you’re saying, right?

Well, as it turns out, you can’t generalize an entire generation.

But to humor you, here’s one “millennial’s” mindset.

We are loyal. We are fiercely loyal. But our loyalty is not blind and our hearts are not to be taken for granted.

Sure we’re going to job hop and demand better pay and benefits. If we have to dedicate our lives to your dream then we deserve to be compensated.

You want us to work harder? You want us to work tirelessly for the cause?

Give us something to be passionate about. Something that keeps us up at night. Something that makes our eyes sparkle and our mind race.

No, we are not happy with the political landscape. But we will not vote for popular parties just because it’s tradition. Hell, it looks like most of us may not even vote at all.

But we know that complaining is not a strategy. So we do what we know how to do best. We build businesses and grassroots groups to enact change.

We are no longer satisfied with the status quo. We are here to make waves. We are here to transform and improve the world — all of it.

We will not work tirelessly for your dream to be able to maybe afford a house in the burbs to raise 2.5 kids that we can’t pay college tuition for when the time comes.

We will not continue to do something just because it’s how it has always been done.

We will not settle for “ok” when we know “amazing” exists.

And we will not stop fighting for what we believe in.

So, what will we do?

We will stand up for what’s right.

We will dedicate our hearts and minds to creating a better world.

We will respect traditions without letting them run or ruin our lives.

And we will be the most influential generation you’ve ever seen.

So sure, call us “millennials”. We’ll smile and nod.

Just know that we’re a whole lot more than a word.

And you haven’t seen anything yet.