This is actually a cultural debate dating back at least into the 90ies — see this fitting Seinfeld…
Willi Kampmann

Thanks for giving me some more context! I kind of had the feeling there wasn’t an original take left on this subject, and I probably generalized too much based on anecdotal stuff. I was hoping to get at the gendering of emotional labor, but it’s a difficult — and incomplete — thing to do based solely on the use of punctuation.

I do have conflicted feelings on what social media and text “speak” has done to our quality of writing. Part of me thinks it’s (edit: typo) pretentious to scoff at emojis and excess or lack of punctuation. Part of me thinks bad “Internet” grammar can bleed into formal writing, which I also hate. Who knows? Haha.

But thanks for sharing your personal experience with all this, and thanks for reading! (!!!!!!!!!!!!)