Perhaps your brand of progressivism isn’t immoral!
Parker O'Brien

Uhhhh yeah, I would say taking away healthcare, providing tax cuts for the rich, polluting, taking away reproductive freedom, incarcerating black men disproportionally for nonviolent offenses, the travel ban, ease of firearm purchase, etc etc etc. are all harmful. Sorry, that’s not leveling the playing field. And in not saying democrats aren’t to blame for some of this stuff — Clinton with the drug war and Obama with drone use and dubious enforcement of deportation of “criminals” (for instance undocumented immigrants with traffic tickets) — but right now, republicans are the ones perpetuating and even worsening it.

It’s a fantasy to think everyone will be able to remove himself or herself from politics. I feel like you’re characterizing my argument based on the assumption that a libertarian utopia is somehow possible. It’s not. In some cases, it takes policy to undue the harm of other policy. Simply doing away with bad policy and not filling in the gaps doesn’t necessarily reverse the negative effects nor the unequal power structures it creates. It takes better policy to do that. (Even deregulation requires government unless you just want private enterprise to have free reign.) In the current government, they want worse policy and more of it.

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