Building a Story Part 1

Chicken, salmon and steak are being marinated for a Friday night dinner. College students don’t get a home cooked meal very often so Joan Sick made a huge dinner for her kids and their friends.
Joan Sick checks the baked potatoes, a side dish for her dinner party. Joan wants to ensure her children get a good meal every time she visits Oxford.
Greg Sick, Joans husband is in charge of grilling the meat. Greg gets the grill ready as Joan takes care of everything else inside.
Cheese and crackers were set out for appetizers. Cheese is Joan’s favorite snack so she made sure there was a lot of it.
Greg puts steak on the grill. Steak is his favorite meat and he is very picky about how the steak is cooked.
Annie Sick, youngest daughter of Joan and Greg, starts the buffet line with making her salad. Annie hasn’t had a home cooked meal since she left for college in August.
The chicken, steak and salmon are cooked and ready. The meat was added to the buffet line by Greg as the kids finished their salads.
Lizzy Polhill and Zach Pinel, friends of Annie Sick, eat the home cooked meal. Zach and Lizzy aren’t able to grill because they can’t have one in the dorm.
Joan begins to clean the leftovers. Joan made extra food so both of her daughters would be able to have leftovers throughout the next week.
Pinel finishes his steak and baked potatoe. Pinel hasn’t had steak since September and said he can’t remember the last time he had a baked potatoe.
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