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Why are we doing this?

Did you know the fashion industry is one of the most polluting? The rise of non-renewable resources to produce cheaper apparel fabric, combined with the rise in “fast” fashion consumption, has created a devastating toll on our planet’s natural systems.

We pick up in New York City,

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I’m trying to find the (wo)man I never got to be.

You have always written before and you will write now. All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence you know.

— Ernest Hemingway

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My imagination is the only thing I fear lately.

I have unspeakably bold ideas for what the future could hold.

Truth tells me I have no idea if I, or we, even get a future.

Perception tells me we have no choice but to try.

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One More Thing

I grew up in Connecticut and it wasn’t until I left that I came to see it as the land of privilege. And the land of sacrifice — thinking about what my parents gave up to raise five of us there and give us the invaluable gift of security and a debt-free launch into adulthood. New York was The City but it wasn’t until I took my first job there, the Fall after college graduation, that it became My City.

I spent years, perhaps decades, searching for “enough.” Enough friends, enough fun, enough creativity, enough stimulation in every online and offline corner of the world.

What did I find?

You can’t see “enough” until you stop seeking.

This application was submitted in reply to Barbara Corcoran’s entrepreneur competition sponsored by OnDeck. I never heard back. And I also decided to stop working on small grant and competition applications after this, to instead focus my time and efforts into product feedback and small-batch production. I couldn’t shake the feeling these grants were just postponing the real work, though I appreciate the intention of the competition and Ms. Corcoran’s services. Now you can read my idea (hasn’t changed much, except I left the Chinatown space) and order the first product.

10 November 2016 by Allison Vicenzi (with editorial assistance from Delia Cronin and Mary Kate…

This application was submitted in reply to Intel’s public search for TV show participants. I never heard back. Now you can read my idea (hasn’t changed, however will not be using Intel technology) and pre-order the first product. They asked some deeply personal questions here!

16 August 2016 by Allison Vicenzi

What is your idea?

  • I believe in a future where people are happier because they are less burdened by stuff. In particular, I see a future where clothing is managed more efficiently through a closed-loop system, whereby we only use items as long as we need them then pass them along to the next-best use case. The cycle continues until eventually the material will be broken down and used as raw materials for new items. My first “unchaperoned” idea is to start a consumer clothing brand that uses this system at a small scale, starting with a few timeless garment styles, and expands as we learn and grow to incorporate other brands and eventually other material goods. …

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On Display

I am 26 years old but still figuring it out as much as I was at 12 or 17 or 22.

I spent the last few months privately reviewing my offline and online presence, trying to understand why I do what I do, why I post what I post. I love social media as much as (alright, maybe more than) most, but had this unsettling feeling that it wasn’t serving me or others in the way I intended. Jaded and on autopilot, my habits sucked up time but didn’t seem to ladder up to anything meaningful.

Over the holidays, I moved back in with my parents for a few weeks, for the longest time since I proudly ventured on my own, into an East Williamsburg sublet at twenty-two. I could still recall the countless hours spent dreaming in our near-perfect white house. The days were slow and the years were fast, as they say. Making collages in the attic and listening to mix CDs freshly burned on the family computer. Sewing my own clothes, cutting and gluing collages from my cherished issues of Teen Vogue. Ten years later, here I was, sitting cross-legged at the kitchen table making scrapbooks, laying on my sister’s bed talking about our future careers, listening to my grandparents retelling old family stories at the dining room table, reading books, driving to the beach, deciding to slow down and just be. I looked through all my old memorabilia boxes and photo albums, my old closets full of clothes I would never have a chance to wear again. …

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On a humid late winter night in the East Village, I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the infamous perjennifer to reflect on chasing a dream in the city that never sleeps.

We discuss what it’s like to build a company in NYC (spoiler alert: expensive!), why I decided to focus on blazers and a “30 years, 30 wears” commitment, and the vision for a more sustainably-designed future in which customers have it easier and companies act more responsibly.

Humbled to be considered an “NYC Creative” and in awe of Jennifer’s quick turnaround in bringing her podcast vision to life. …

the year i decided anything was possible

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Formerly an overwhelmed, jaded startup employee, I made a vow to change.


allison vicenzi

on mission to create more, consume less. hate to waste + like to make things. currently: women's blazer brand w/ circular business model. Year 4 of #NoNewStuff

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