I Tripled My VA Prices & Sold Out!

It’s been a while! I wanted to step into this space for a bit and talk to you about my new virtual assistant packages and how I sold out in less than a week, but first, I’d love to know how you’re doing. After you read this email, hit reply and tell me what’s going on with you, and ask questions that arise during the length of this email.

First of all, I am happier than I’ve been for some time now. My husband put in his notice at work, and it’s going to be an amazing (and probably a bit rough) transition to him working from home alongside me. We did a live stream about it (with a cameo from our toddler) in my Facebook community where we talked about how we plan to make it work, what we already have in place, etc.

Because I booked out, my husband is able to stay home. My #1, PRIMARY goal for this year was to get Justin out of his day job and get us MOBILE. To me, being mobile simply means we can work from wherever we want instead of being tied to telling someone “I’ll be back in the office by Tuesday morning at 8am.” This way, we can say, “I’m heading to a cafe to get some work done — see you soon!

It makes my heart smile to think of our new lifestyle.

But let’s get to the meat of this email and talk about how I actually booked out my spots for my virtual assistance. Some things you should know are that a) I was pretty wishy-washy this year and struggled to find my purpose and b) I offloaded every client when I decided (after much thought) that I would go in a different direction with my business. After I realized that virtual assistance was the best fit for me currently, I had to re-craft my services, re-vamp my appearance online, and start over. It was not pretty. And at first, it was REALLY hard.

Then I had a call with my friend Fiona who shared with me how she’s got her services laid out into ONE VIP package and that’s it. I was blown away. It wasn’t that I hadn’t heard of that before… I had. But I’d never heard of it WORKING. Fiona is booked out for a WHOLE YEAR. She took her services page down and is focusing her extra time on helping new VAs instead of marketing her services. I vibe a lot with that because I love to be helpful, but never had time. (She actually did a webinar today that was all about her 30 day packages.)

I took her advice and, after our phone call, I set up my first TRUE sales page for my services. It had never occurred to me to set up an actual, formatted sales page because I usually just made connections with people and then sent them my informational page, which included basic pricing, the things I could do for them, and a little spiel about myself.

Here’s what it looks like now.

I have ONE package. It’s $1500/mo and it’s ONLY accessible by filling out a form first. They can’t book a call with me immediately because I want time to do some recon: check out their website, online presence, etc.

I ONLY work with 3 clients per month. This enables me to spend a ton of time with each client.

Even though my time is unlimited, I still record my time. This allows me to see who is getting more time/attention, who is assigning me more tasks, etc. It also keeps track of what I’m spending my time on should a client ever need to know what I worked on that week/day/month.

Here’s the SIMPLEST breakdown of how I booked out my packages:

  • I made connections. I added people on Facebook that felt like my target demographic, then I messaged them and just GOT TO KNOW THEM. I did NOT pitch them, and I didn’t even bring up what I did! If they wanted to know, they asked.
  • I made a post in 3 or 4 different Facebook groups. It was entitled “MANIFESTING MY DREAM CLIENT” and it was literally a bullet-pointed list of all the things I was dreaming of in a client. Seems simple, right? And it was allowed because I didn’t link to anything or give them a way to contact me. There was no “HIRE ME!” vibe — it was a simple manifestation; a true act of throwing it out into the universe and having faith that there would be return.

That’s it. Then, when people messaged me, I’d refer them to my Work With Allie page and they would have to go through the form.

The #1 thing that I really put emphasis on was letting them know that it’s UNLIMITED, yes, but I do have 2 other clients so I can’t give them 8 hours in a day, you know? The second thing I focused on was IT IS ONE PRICE, up front, period. They actually agree to something along those lines in my intake form.

I hope this inspired you and helped you in some way!
xo, Allie

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