I was munching down on an almond when it happened. The filling on one of my lower molars fell out. I examined it and there was only a small hole. Now, last year on a different tooth, I had to see the dentist. That tooth had cracked and the back of it had fallen off. There was no home remedy to repair it.

However, with the filling falling out of another tooth that needed repair, I noticed it could be a quick fix, if I knew what to do. So, the research bug in me decided to do a Google search and find out.

Well, folks, I did find an inexpensive repair kit, Temparin Max from DenTek for caps and fillings. This post is not for selling this product. I only purchased it because it was the cheapest listing on I figured if it didn’t work, then I would have to make an appointment to see a dentist. The product is supposed to be a temporary fix and one is advised to see the dentist. However, after reading the first line of the product description, provided below, I don’t believe it’s necessary, especially for my having a small filling that needed to be replaced:

“Temparin Max is made of the same ingredients dentists use to repair teeth or to replace a lost filing, cap, crown or inlay.”

While writing this, I replaced the filling with a little of this stuff, pressed down as directed and now I have to wait two to three hours before eating anything. I will probably wait three hours, just to be sure.

For teachers and other professionals, including homemakers, getting to see a dentist may take a while, so this product does provide a quick fix.



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