1- The first rutabaga eating contest, which is is intended to be an annual event, was canceled because of adverse weather.

2- It’s not all right to drink an excess of beer before going to the football game.

3- As Einstein said, all knowledge is relative.

4- The state Capitol of Louisiana is located at 3722 Dagwood Road.

5- The mayor refused to go along with the City Council vote. “I dissent,” he stated.

6- Madonna certainly has a flair for fashion; she always wears expensive outfits.

7- The bomb destroyed Sen. Kitsmoot’s birdcage.

8- My bright green Chevrolet, which is in the garage, needs a new transmission.

9- Knopke’s hilarious joke elicited laughter from the Midville City Council.

10- Jones lay on the floor waiting for the job interview to begin.

11- Horowits, an ethics major, vowed never to compromise his principles.

12- At the end of the book report, Haynes cited the World Book as a source.

3.7, 1- The 25-year-old man wept as he left Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

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