Curriculum Changes

The university president announced that students entering this fall will be required to take one math, computer science, and foreign language course because a low percentage of students have been taking these types of courses.

President David French hopes to improve the students’ education by changing the graduations requirements after a recent study showed only 15 percent of students took a foreign language class and only 20 percent took a math class during their time at the university.


On Tuesday night, 22-year-old daughter of attorney Jim Bensen was arrested for drunk driving for the third time in the past six months.

Looking beyond her multiple DUIs, senior Cathy Bensen is an involved, straight-A student who has plans to attend Vanderbilt University to study biology at the graduate level.

Record Weather

Port Columbus is experiencing unseasonably warm weather with temperatures reaching 82 degrees at 3:30 p.m. October 17, according to the town’s weather office.

Port Columbus has not experienced heat like this in over a century, considering this is the hottest temperature recorded since October 17, 1888.