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Who: Rufus N. Hebernowski, Air Force Major stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base (no local connections)

What: He was flying and killed in a jet that crashed into the the Super Shopping Mall, destroying 15 cars in the mall’s northern parking lot, no one else was injured

Where: Super shopping mall, huge new mall on the western edge of town, parking lot

When: “today” at noon

Why: Not sure

How: The crash caused the death and damage to cars

An Air Force major stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base was killed when the jet aircraft he was piloting crashed into the Super Shopping Mall parking lot at noon, destroying fifteen cars.

City Council

Who: City council

What: It was decided that city property taxes would increase 10 percent, about $50 increase yearly, in order to double the size of the city park

Where: At a city council meeting

When: Council met this morning, taxes will go into effect first of next month

Why: To pay for the doubling of the city park

How: The tax will pay for the park, which will go into effect the first of next month

A 10 percent increase in city property taxes will go into effect the first of next month, the city council decided, in order to pay for a city park expansion.

University Raises

Who: Harold R. Drazsnzak, university vice president for finance

Affects staff and faculty

What: Drazsnzak made an announcement and said that faculty and staff will get a 15 percent raise

First raise in two years for faculty

When: Raise will go into effect this fall

Where: At a press conference on the front steps of the university administration building

Why: The raises were “long overdue,” the new funds provided a way to make the raises happen

How: The raise is possible because of increased revenues from the state

University vice president for finance announced at a press conference that all faculty and staff will get a 15 percent raise that was made possible by increased revenues from the state, beginning this fall.


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