What is good writing?

What is good writing? This concept seems somewhat hard to discuss due to the fact that different individuals enjoy a variety of styles and genres of writing. As a reader myself in this great, big world of written content, there are some elements that I would say certainly help to make a piece worth reading.

First and foremost, good writing holds my attention. It helps me to forget that I’m only looking at words on a page and brings me into the story. Good writers don’t waste space on useless details, but they take their time on explaining what matters.

Good writing is organized well. This means something different for various types of writing. Creative writing gets the freedom to bend timelines and reveal information strategically rather than all at once. However, the reader still has to be able to follow along with the twists and turns. As I learned in Chapter 1 of our textbook, Writing for the Mass Media, the key for mass media content is to provide information “in order of its importance rather than in chronological order.”

An example of mass media that states the most important facts first can be found in this Washington Post article about a family that tragically lost their lives in Hurricane Harvey.

Good writing also uses appropriate language and correct grammar. Again, some areas of writing offer more freedom with word choice, but it is important to know when to use certain language. As I have discovered in the syllabus for this class, grammar should be nothing less than perfect. This was also stressed in Chapter 1 of our textbook.

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