Why Basketball Is the Best Sport In My Opinion!!!

When people say basketball they automatically think the NBA. But basketball is so much more than just the NBA. In its purest form, basketball is just a beautiful thing to watch.

Why is basketball the best sport? Basketball when played properly is nonstop action; from offense to defense and defense to offense with no break in between. To play basketball at a high level you need to be in good shape. Basketball is the only sport with 7 foot 300 pound athletes running end to end to end again and again in a very short span of time. While there may be other sports that go offense to defense in a split second none of them have as much scoring as basketball.

Why is basketball better than football?

Basketball as stated earlier is constant action offense to defense without breaks. You have 300 pound men competing at a fast pace colliding with each other with no pads or helmets. Football has a 40 second break between each play which acts as a consistent break in the action, which causes me to lose interest and/or fall asleep. Football is a demanding game I am sure but they only play one game per week unless they have a bye which would make it every 2 weeks. Basketball players play sometimes 2–3 games per week and might have to play on back to back nights. College basketball has a great tournament and college football is sorely lacking in that area. Many people have called for a football tournament and college football refuses to answer the call. These are all of the reasons why basketball is better than football.

Why is basketball better than baseball?

As stated earlier basketball is continuous motion. Baseball on the other hand has its best day when one pitcher throws a no hitter. So when the other team doesn’t score that makes a good game or it makes for a really boring experience for everyone? Basketball has four twelve minute quarters with commercials and timeouts it will be about a 2 hour experience. Baseball is not a timed event and could literally take hours upon hours to break a tie in the 21st inning. With a 20 second delay between pitches the untuned event could have me sleeping by inning 3. Other than home runs what else is exciting about baseball? This is why basketball is better than baseball.

Why is basketball is better than soccer?

Soccer does have its moments when there are shots on goal and amazing saves by the goalie. But most of the time there is very little action to speak of. This a pretty typical sequence of events in a soccer game. The goalie rolls the ball to the defender. The defender drops the ball back to the goalie. The goalie switches sides and rolls the ball to the another fullback. The fullback advances the ball to the midfielder. The midfielder drops the ball back to the fullback. The fullback drops the ball back to the goalie and the exciting play continues. Basketball has a tremendous amount of scoring in a tiny little net, yet soccer has a gigantic net with very little scoring. I guess if basketball allowed Mutumbo to camp out in the paint blocking everyone’s shots with no threat of goaltending, scoring in basketball would also cease to exist just like most soccer matches. Scoring is not the only thing that separates basketball and soccer, but it is an important one nonetheless.

Why is basketball better than hockey?

Hockey is actually the closest sport to matching the action that basketball has. In hockey, teams go offense to defense in the blink of an eye just like basketball. Unlike basketball, hockey has designated offensive and defensive positions. I am not saying that a defensive player can’t score from time to time, but it is not their primary responsibility. Any position in basketball has the potential to be a scorer. That is the beauty of basketball when the ball moves from player to player anyone has the potential to score. Those type of teams are the hardest to beat. Back to why basketball is better than hockey…scoring. Basketball is more exciting because there is a lot more scoring. Once again with a bigger net than basketball and a player designated to defend the net with a catcher’s mitt in one hand and a giant sized hockey stick in the other. For another thing, hockey should maybe change the name of the sport to boxing with skates…but don’t get me started! These are the reasons basketball is better than hockey.

This article could go on and on poking holes in all the other sports of the world, but I can leave that to another article on another day. As you are reading this article many of you may be disagreeing with everything I said, many of you may be angry with my opinion. But that is what makes the United States great…our ability to have our own opinions and discuss them openly. If you want to hear more of my outrageous opinions join me on the social media sources listed below. Oh and be nice!

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