Mobile Repaired on Short Notice

Mobile phones are essential gadgets in today’s world. I realized that I was extremely dependent on my mobile phone when I suddenly stopped working. At first it just hanged and after I switched it off I wouldn’t turn on. First I thought it might be a temporary issue but when it didn’t turn on till mid-day my anxiety started growing. I had to contact my supervisor and nobody else had his number or email address. He was new and I hardly had any other friends in that course. To add the cherry on top I installed a new lock on my dorm door and I saved the password in my phone because I knew I wasn’t paying much attention to it I won’t remember. That’s exactly what happened! When I went to my dorm room the lock was secured by password and since I didn’t know it couldn’t even access my room. So I searched a mobile repair in Philadelphia PA and went to the shop and asked them if they could fix it. They told me it would take a few hours so I went to the park and started doing my assignment which was due the next day and for which I had to contact my supervisor. I didn’t know anything about services of phone repair in Philadelphia PA and I had no other option but to trust this one on such short notice.

After a little while I got anxious and went to the shop again, I was surprised when they told me my mobile phone had been fixed. Upon asking what was wrong with it they told me that my phone had ran out of storage which was excessively consuming the battery and eventually the battery died. They simply replaced the battery and rebooted the phone for me. I took my phone in my hand and quickly checked it in order to erase any doubts in my mind. When I was sure my phone was working fine I paid them and went back to my dorm. I was very thankful to that mobile repair company who fixed my phone on such short notice. I was able to call my supervisor in time and also because of their quick service I was able to sleep in my dorm room.