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The Lonar Crater Lake, which was created when two craters collided, makes the Maharashtra region of Buldhana so well-known. In the Amravati division of Maharashtra, India, the Buldhana pin code serves as both the district’s administrative center and the location of the Buldhana Municipal Council.

Buldhana pin code

Rajmata Jijau Birthplace, Sindkhed Raja

On January 12, 1598, Jijamata was born in the Buldhana neighborhood of Sindhkhedra. The founder of the Hinduvi kingdom, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, was the Matoshree of Rajmata Jijau. This area is now a well-liked tourist attraction and historically significant. On January 12, 1598, Jijau Maa Saheb was born at the Bhuikot palace. On the highway between Mumbai and Nagpur, at Sindhkhed Raja, lies the Rajwada, which has a magnificent grand entrance.

Additionally, a garden has been built in the same municipality. It is the shrine to Lakhujirao Jadhav. This incredible masterpiece is bigger than the whole Hindu Rashtra Samadhi in India. Jijau played the color in the castle of the palace. In this Mahal, the marriage of ShahajiRaje and Jijau was discussed.

The ancient Nilkanteshwar temple is seen here, along with the inscription that King Lakhujirao Jadhav inscribed for the temple’s revival. A sizable bar with steps leading to the square’s bottom is located in front of the temple. The ninth through tenth centuries were when the Hemadpanthi Rameshwar Temple was built.

Kalkoth best shows Rajerao Jagadevrao Jadhav’s construction of enormous forts. Its walls have stood the test of time and are 20 feet wide and the same height. Another walled fort, Sachkarwada, stands 40 feet tall and can be seen from a junction, internal roads, wells, sub-basement, and subway. Consequently, the entrance to this object is also rather gorgeous.

Anand Sagar, Shegaon

Water is scarce in Shegaon and the surrounding area; hence Shri Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan, Shegaon, saw the need for a lake with ample water in Shegaon to help alleviate the lack of water. With this objective in mind, Shree Sansthan created an artificial lake at Shegaon by pumping water into the Anand Sagar lake from the 9-kilometer-distant Man River.

However, Sansthan was financially burdened by the Rs. 50 Lakh in monthly expenses as a result. To raise the water table in the areas around Shegaon, even then, the Sansthan implemented the Anand Sagar Lake project.

Lonar Crater Lake

In the Buldhana district of Maharashtra lies a lagoon lake known as Lonar Lake. As a result of a meteorite, it was created. It is the only significant hover back on the basalt rock, and its water is alkaline. Lonar Lake has been designated as a Wildlife Sanctuary to preserve it. Temples were constructed around 1250 years ago, and these temples 15 are backward. It is estimated that the lake originated between 52,000 and 6,000 years ago.

However, a scientific study released in 2010 places the lake’s age between 570,000 and 47,000 years. This lake has been the subject of a significant investigation by the Smithsonian Institution, the United States Geological Survey, the Geological Society of India, and the Physical Study Laboratory of India.


The Buldhana pin code area is home to several temples worth visiting, including the well-known Buddisht Carving Caves.



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