Know the Important Stages Involved In Web Development

Website is like a bulletin board, available on the internet providing relevant details about your business to the visitors. It is a versatile communication tool for your business organization. It comes with no surprise that web development has come up a long way from static to dynamic version. Website owners are endeavoring hard to accomplish the growing demand of the visitors. As such, website development is becoming complex with each passing day. Nowadays, even a simple website has taken the form of custom web application by technical upgradations.

To get a website developed and launched in the planet of World Wide Web, one should be very careful in selecting the right web development company. With hundreds of Web Development Companies out there, it’s not easy to find the right web development company. When you start searching web development companies, you will find that all of them are offering similar services at different prices. If you don’t know the simple things involved in the web development, chances are more that web development companies may try to cheat you by giving high estimates. So, let’s discuss the important stages involved in the web development.

Requirement Analysis:

This is the primary step of a web development project and should be done with utmost attention. It can be done via meetings, emails, questionnaires and participating in interactive sessions that cover all the details of your project.

  • Purpose of the website.
  • Who is your audience & what are their expectations?
  • Marketing objectives.
  • Competitors.
  • Database and price details etc.

Preparing Documentation

By thoroughly examining all the above factors, try to estimate whether the web development project is doable or not? If yes, then calculate “how much cost is involved for the completion of project?” With these details in mind, prepare a document which you need to give the client for verification and approval.

Note: Some web development companies charge high for their quality work. Always remember, a quality work is always costlier.

Website Development & Coding

It is the most important phase in ecommerce web development company in India. It involves the database design and coding.


The testing engineers perform an in-depth test to inspect the build working correctly or not? The flaws will be notified to the web developers for rectification. This will continue until zero or negligible errors were found. Finally, the error-free website is given to the client for approval.

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