The Foundation

It has been an eventful couple of weeks; the launch phase has gone well and we would like to thank you for all your support.

Currently, we are well into the foundation phase.

Why Have a “Foundation”?

What is the Purpose of the Foundation phase?

What Has Been Accomplished Thus Far?

  • Continued growth and activity from our community members. Engagement has been so prominent on social media that All In have been mentioned by the likes of @JakeGagain, @lambroots, and @ianheinischmma
  • Creation of the “Writer’s Guild” to communicate ideas and information to current, and potential, stakeholders
  • First community written Medium article
  • Rewarding community members through giveaways and custom Telegram profile pictures
  • Open Telegram voice chats in order to open a dialogue and cultivate transparent relationships with holders
  • An increase in Twitter engagement and Telegram members
  • Snippets of the Litepaper being shown
  • Registration of ENS names for future utility
  • Holding fun contests/competitions
  • Onboarding trustworthy and engaged influencers who have the platforms to amplify the signal of the project.

Where Do We Go from Here?

In the meantime, we will continue to utilise the vast network of connections available to the team in order to increase the quality and quantity of our partnerships. This is not simply to leverage off one another’s popularity to amplify exposure, but instead a way to look at functional synergies between All In and other projects. We believe there is much to be learned and gained from working together with each other in this space, rather than against.

With the Litepaper imminent, the community will have a first look at more details about All In, and can begin offering their ideas, skills, and feedback. In turn, the next steps will be dynamically influenced by stakeholders, steering the direction of the project. Many hands make light work, so the larger we can grow the community, the further we can go.

A Community Driven Token: The Future of All In

The team will drive progress and action, and the community will help navigate and steer the direction of All In.



All In Society - We’re $ALLIN, are you?

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