A Question for You…
Allison Washington

A (an anonymous trans woman): I think you having had a girl upbringing is very interesting, as I think most of us trans women haven’t had that (I at least haven’t). I think it would be a kind of “what could have been” for a lot of us, if that makes sense?

I think “boy mode” [i.e. from the male-presenting period] stories could also be interesting, but I think they’re more painful to write and maybe read. While I think “girl mode” contains more happy memories and stories.

Another thing that can be interesting is when you started transition, like how you reached the conclusion to go on HRT [hormone replacement therapy], what thoughts lead to that, how it was back then to find information…not so much the transitioning itself, but the process leading up to that.

But all things being equal, I think I prefer young girl Allison stories, because I think they’ll be happy and I could use happy stories (I think a lot of people could, TBH).

Allison Washington:

W.r.t. ‘boy mode’ material…yea, you’re right, it’s kind of hard to think about. I’ve pushed those 17 years (which began with the Girl part III story) far, far from my mind. I’ve had a couple people ask if I’d write about it, and I just don’t know…yea, pretty uncomfortable, TBH. But I will need to address that period, at some point…

I don’t know if I have much more to add in re my girlhood…this story series covers the highlights. There is the ‘Liverpool Moment’ vignette, previously published. Probably others I’ll think of, and I’ll write them as they occur…

I’m def. going to do a start-of-transition story. That came up in the interviews I did with Cracked, and I feel like I have something to say there. It was such an insane and colourful period, so yea…that’ll be forthcoming…

And w.r.t. needing more happy stories…I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been feeling kind of bad because so many of my pieces are down-beat. Frankly, it’s hard to balance the sad, when you’re trans…which is all the more reason to try to work in more happy. I’m going to give that some thought.


Please don’t feel bad for the down-beat pieces. You’re writing about you and your past and those are big moments that are important too. I know it’s hard to balance the sad, yes. I think that comes with being trans. :)

I’m looking forward to your next story. I think it’s awesome you can write about this. You’re good at writing too, by the way.

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