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Author Bio

Allison Washington is a European author and trans woman.

Assigned as male at birth in 1957 and raised by her mother, she lived as a girl till age 14, at her own insistence. Subsequently compelled to live as-male from 1971 till 1988, after 17 years she transitioned back to female, socially and medically at age 32. Ms Washington is 60 years of age.

Passing as cisgender (not recognisable as transgender), Ms Washington is ‘woodworked’ in her private life (living without disclosure of her trans history), and has been for nearly three decades. She is based in France, but lives abroad at times.

Ms Washington writes autobiography, with additional forays into transfeminine-related topics, including the lives of trans women, trans women’s history, and the relationship between trans women and cisgender society.

Ms Washington’s stories have appeared in Condé Nast’s SELF Magazine, The Huffington Post, The Bold Italic, Thought Catalog, Athena Talks, P.S. I Love You, Be Yourself, This Glorious Mess, Crossing (G)enres, Student Voices, Thoughts And Ideas, Our Queer Stories, and Gay Star News. She was a presenter at Gender Odyssey 2016. Her stories are consistently Medium Editors’ Picks and sometimes Medium Top Stories. She has been the subject of major media features and podcasts, and is co-host of the Alice & Mia show.

Contact Information

Medium, Facebook, Twitter

Twined Fragments, a collaborative memoir.

The Alice & Mia show.

Allison Washington appearances and in the media

Ms Washington is available for interviews and public appearances.

Cracked podcast featuring AW (27 September 2017)., feature story on AW’s life (26 February 2017).
Gender Odyssey 2016 presentation, 5 August 2016 (text and video here).

Information for Publishers

Many of Ms Washington’s 100+ stories and articles are available for republication. Please contact her if you are interested in new work on a particular topic.

Books: One book is currently in-draft, and a proposal for a second will be available early 2018.

Ms Washington is available as a ‘sensitivity reader’ and skilled copy editor with expertise in transgender experience and history, and social and medical issues. Her work in these areas ranges from academic texts to YA fiction.

A Reader’s Guide is available here, and read About Me and My Stories.

Journalist & essayist. Reporting from Cairo.

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