A Question for You…
Allison Washington

BK: I’d like to hear about your life today. What’s important to you now, what you struggle with these days, what makes you happy and brings you comfort.

I loved reading “I. Girl, begun: I, II, and III”. I couldn’t get enough. The compassion and respect in your descriptions of the people in your life is a beautiful thing to experience.

I’m making myself a strong cup of tea and turning off the ringer on my phone so I can dig in to the rest of your stories on Medium. Thank you for writing, and thank you for asking us this question.

Allison Washington:

Oh, Brigid, what can I say but ❤ ❤ ❤ ?

Y’know, it’s so hard for me to write about recent things…it’s like…they have to ‘compost’ for a while before enough of the stench abates for me to handle them… :-P

There’s a story that happened in 2009, that I really want to do and have started 3 times, but…really hard, like 8 years is still too recent to write… I think it may have to do, in part, with how personal and gritty my stories get at times.

But you’re right, it would be good to work more in the present. It’s mostly not as dramatic as some of the trials of the past, but yea, it’s still pretty interesting… ;-)

I did do one story in the present, the first piece I published, about how I came out of the woodwork after 27 years. It’s here.

Yea, OK, I’ll think about working more in the now…anything in particular?

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