Gratitude: Acknowledging those who help me in my work…

These wonderful people give generously of their time — editing, reviewing and critiquing my articles, essays and stories prior to publication — thank you all, my work would be so impoverished without you.

Natasha Troop, Natasha’s Medium Page, Natasha’s Books 
Michelle Shaw, Michelle’s Psychotherapy Practice
Ben Vincent, Ben’s Gender Blog

Abby H.
Annika Sparkles, Annika’s Medium Page
Ava Raelynn
Caroline Trottier-Gascon, Caroline’s Trans Videos 
Dani Mirai, Dani’s Trans Videos
Émilie Tremblay, Émilie’s Trans Medical Advocacy
Jessica Lynn Shine
Luxander Pond, Luxander’s Trans Videos 
Misty Hill
Primrose Quinn West, Primrose @ Twitter 
Tegan O.
Wiktor Dynarski Wiktor’s Agender Blog

I love you all.

❤ Allison

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