I’m one of your fans, and the educational point you make about the definition of ‘normal’ is really…

Hullo Phil, thank you for the complement, and thank you for writing with such thought, as per usual… :-)

I couldn’t agree more w.r.t. confusion caused by differing usage contexts for ‘female’ and ‘male’ (not to mention ‘masculine/feminine’, ‘sex’, ‘gender’, &c).

A friend who is ‘in the business’ brought this up as well. She uses ‘masculine/feminine’ for the gender axis to avoid this confusion. I dislike ‘masculine/feminine’ in this context, as I find it to be just a fraught with multiplicities as ‘female/male’, plus it feels to me to have an attached sense of being vague and performative which I don’t want applied to gender identity.

So, the trouble is, to my view, English — vaguely defined words with multiple, sometmes subtly different, meanings. I don’t know how to fix that, and I’m not getting what you’re suggesting as an alternative.

I agree with the rest of what you say. I’ve the impression that it was intended as contrary to an assertion I made, but I’m not seeing that…?

❤ Allison