I was seized by anxiety reading part III.
Kate Herman

I had originally written only Girl Parts I — III, since that’s where childhood ended. But in reviewing the series with my editor we realised that it was unfair to drop the story there, so we added the Epilogue; and I’m really glad we did. There needed to be an up-beat antidote to Part III.

I liked Middlesex as a book; Eugenides is a very good writer. That said, there are real problems with his representation of intersex identity and experience. It is problematic when a dyadic (non-intersex) writer presumes to speak for intersex people, just as it is when cisgender people take it upon themselves to speak to the transgender experience. These really aren’t experiences one can imagine ‘from the outside’.

(I apologise if I’m coming across as ‘difficult’ in this — we’re pretty sensitive on the subject of representation — we’re routinely misrepresented, and this causes real, often severe, harm.)

Kate, thank you so, so much for reading my work and writing to me. I am genuinely grateful.

❤ Allison