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The Alice & Mia show has launched!

Announcement of the debut of a podcast by Allison Washington and Miriam Suzanne.

Review: White Feminism, White Supremacy, White Sex Workers

An important essay that brings a unique perspective to the issue of oppression within white feminism; written by a trans-partnered cisgender sex worker, in Tits and Sass, a by-and-for sex worker advocacy site.

Family Values: A Small-Town Southern Man Talks About His (Trans) Daughter

A very brief promotion of this touching essay by a once-conservative father.

‘Clapping’? Really?

A very negative review of ‘improvements’ to the Medium publishing platform.

Commentary: EJ Terry on the Non Sequitur of White Pride

Review and commentary regarding Terry’s essay on the trouble with ‘White Pride’.

Review: Read April Arcus

Thoughtful prose by someone of nonbinary transfeminine experience. 2016.12.31

Trans Women Sing : Ten Lovely Noises

Reviews of the work of ten transfeminine recording artists; includes links. 2016.09.14

Trans Women Sing: Rie Daisies on ‘owning’ the transfeminine voice

An interview with singer/composer Rie Daisies and a discussion around voice development for trans women. Includes links to resources. 2016.09.14

Review: Trans Talk

Sociocultural linguist Lal Zimman’s publication about language as it relates to transgender issues. 2016.08.30

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