At what point is being myself (and making all the cosmetic adjustments such as hair removal, etc.)
Na.tasha Tr.oop

Is that a question for me?

I’m not criticising your experience, Tasha. I’m respectfully contrasting it to the narrow notions of my day. Things are different and more interesting today.

You said that even if your body became as-cis you would still see yourself as trans. What struck me was that this is mirror-image to our POV three decades ago, when the object was, in fact, to get an as-cis body and to reinterpret ourselves as-cis.

Six months after my re-emergence from the woodwork I still sometimes feel Allison-through-the-looking-glass. I sometimes find myself unable to wrap my head around modern trans perspectives.

That’s me, not you, dear. ❤

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