Thanks so much Allison, for answering in such detail.
Isidra Mencos

I simply don’t have time to engage properly in every platform.

It’s impossible. I mostly just do Facebook (and Medium) now.

I’ve been publishing daily for the last week and I noticed that 1) it’s exhausting

Oh, I couldn’t! I’m about once a week, sometimes twice, sometimes with gaps of a couple weeks if I’m working on something hard (as right now).

I resist a niche (my interests are wide), I may have to rethink my position on this as well.

I think so. In today’s environment, niche is probably the only way to retain engagement and build readership.

Most of my stuff is very tightly focused (trans women’s experience and issues, specifically), and this is what draws my readers, about 80% of whom are women (cis and trans).

My interests are also wide, and I occasionally write outside my niches (trans, women’s issues), but those articles don’t get much love.