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Allison Washington

JC: Don’t know if this resonates for you, but I saw another transgender friend talking about how the Washington March threw trans people under the bus; have you written on your thoughts in re the March (and I just haven’t found them yet with my own stress having me not reading as much).

Allison Washington:

Hullo J, and thank you!

Like you I’ve found the state of politics generally, and particularly w.r.t. LGB and esp T, most distressing; on both sides of The Pond. Not having ‘the spoons’ to really take it all in, I’ve been coping by ignoring the whole thing as much as possible, just because I feel fairly helpless and it’s all so upsetting.

Beyond that, I generally** steer clear of ‘culture war’ topics for a couple reasons. One is my desire to avoid hate and conflict, esp within my own communities. I sit at so many (contested) intersections of gender, race, age, religion and politics that there’s almost nothing I can say about anything that wouldn’t upset someone I care deeply about. So there’s that.

Another is the simple fact that I don’t feel qualified to speak on most of these issues. I’ve been pretty privileged overall. I haven’t studied all that deeply in women’s issues, trans issues, race issues, &c, so it seems presumptuous for me to, for example, speak out on whether trans women were erased during recent activism.

(For that matter, I have read pieces arguing that WoC, disabled women, intersex women, and others were erased, and badly, so we’re certainly not alone in this.)

I do occasionally collaborate with others who are doing this work, but when I do I keep to the background.

And, if I’m truly honest, I’m frankly a coward when it comes to facing conflict and hate. It pains me greatly, so I avoid it when possible.

J, you’ve helped me think this through. Thank you. ❤

P.S. ‘I sit at so many (contested) intersections…’ Actually, y’know what? I *should* write about *that* — the minefield of minority intersections I have to navigate every time I write…

** There have been exceptions, for example this piece I did on the reasons we need the term ‘cis’.

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