Wonderful account of your ‘difficult’ story.
John F. Eden

John, this may be presumptuous on my part, but from my heart, thank you for being the loving parent of a trans person. I wish everyone were you.

I continue to tell my story, piece by piece. There are a few other stories that touch upon my childhood; Les Amies de Place Blanche, Liverpool Moment, Übergangsmoment, and What He Did to Her. (Be warned that the last is very grim and potentially triggering; the first two are quite up-beat, the third is…well, complicated… ;-)

Metamorphosis tells the story of how I escaped from the situation in Girl, part 3, and found shelter; the rest of the stories, thus far, are from later-on.

In terms of a longer, more detailed and complete telling…opportunities seem to be opening up, and there is talk of a book. I’m working on a proposal now; we’ll see what happens…

❤ Allison

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