A Question for You…
Allison Washington

MM: I think you should start thinking about writing the stories of the other trans women around you.

Allison Washington:

Excellent concept, M. I have thought about doing this. I have done one about singer/composer Rie Daisies, as well as a few reviews of other trans people’s work.

I will probably remain focused on my own story for a while yet, for a couple reasons. One is that I’m still developing material that is aiming toward an upcoming book. The other is that it is *so much more work* to research and assemble the stories of others! You’d be astonished at the difference — for example the Rie Daisies story took me five days, whereas I usually spend only a couple days on one of my own stories.

That said, I would like to do a project anthologising trans stories, and likely shall one of these months…

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