No offence to anyone was meant by saying normal cis woman.

No offence to anyone was meant by saying normal cis woman. It was more of a commentary on myself and not feeling normal… In general I’m not very good with labels so forgive me for any mistakes I might make.

Oh, goodness Cala, no offence taken and you’ve made no ‘mistakes’!

My concern is that you frame yourself as ‘not normal’ when you absolutely are normal. Being trans, being agender, are part of normal human variation. I wrote about this here.

I’m an AFAB, but often feel disgusted by gender and genitalia in general, so maybe that should make me agender rather than gender dysphoric…

Agender people absolutely experience gender dysphoria. Here is a conversation with another agender person about this very thing.

When it comes to feelings of dysphoria, I get them when I’m reminded that I have genitals. My labia rubbing together, my arm rubbing against my breasts, feeling a tampon inside me… If I’m not careful and focus on these little reminders, I start feeling disgusted by my body.

I came at things from the other direction, but — wow — can I relate. Body dysphoria is a bitch. I do hope this article wasn’t too triggering for you; I know how awful that is. I wonder if you are taking steps to get relief?

Thank you for asking. Your stories are so interesting and you have so much to tell, that you being curious about this stranger on the internet feels good.

Corresponding with readers is the most rewarding part of this job. Knowing my work reaches people, touches them, maybe even helps them, is all I can wish for.

Thank you for talking with me Cala.

❤ Allison

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