You should submit this to both Crossing Genres — C(G)- and This Glorious Mess.

Because they will both want it. And you need to hear that.
Because they will both support you. And you need to know that.
Because they will both encourage you to write more. And you need to do that.

OMG, TeriJo…❤❤❤

I haven’t had the time to go through your work the way I want to, but, if you have another piece like this one?

I’ve been meaning to put together a little AW Reading Guide, to help people choose a path through the catalogue. I’ll do this, and in the process pull some stories for the publications you recommend. (Have the folks you tagged responded?)

Medium provides no way to arrange how one’s work is displayed, which is a real shame — all the good stuff just gets buried in all the chaff communications (like this one!).