A Question for You…
Allison Washington

PS: How about awkward moments with a humorous twist. Some of the things we all experience, like learning to put on makeup or the differences in male versus female clothing sizes or first real date. There are so many anecdotes to our stories.

Allison Washington:

That’s pretty brilliant, P. Combining this with MM’s suggestion, we could collect anecdotes (not sure I could come up with enough on my own).

One format might be ‘clever answers to awkward questions’ — we all get the same ones, so… ;-)

Two of my personal favourites are —

1) Kate Bornstein on the ‘Geraldo Rivera Show’, replying to ‘Can you orgasm with that vagina?’ (Answer here.)

2) The following exchange (from long ago):

He: ‘So, do you still have a dick?’
Me: ‘Do you?’

Also, BBC3 did a great piece on this topic. See it here (8 min).

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