A Question for You…
Allison Washington

RW: I think your decision last year to go public may be the most important part of your story.

Allison Washington:

Oh, thank you R. ❤

Is it? I dunno…maybe so… As with so many things in my life (including my own transition) it was rather an accident…not really (to my view) a thought-through decision based in personal conviction or intellectual courage or anything like that…more of an Alice-in-Wonderland dropping down the rabbit-hole and finding myself to be here. :-)

And yet, perhaps that’s a worthy story in itself. I did write about how it all started — indeed, that was the first story I published.

The other piece was my attendance at the Gender Odyssey conference a couple months thereafter. Again, accidental, sort of. And once my presentation was in video, well, I was public.

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