Even if they made the magical machines that changed my physical being to be indistinguishable from a cis-woman’s, I would still not feel safe because I would still be trans.
I’ll Never Be…
Na.tasha Tr.oop

So different to my experience.

30 years ago, where I was, we considered ourselves literally ‘former trans’ after surgery, and a woodworked, as-cis life was the overt goal. Over time I came to feel perfectly safe and ‘normal’ as a ‘cis woman’. For 2–1/2 decades I largely forgot I was ever trans.

This shifted abruptly just this past June, when I got clocked. I was suddenly, utterly undone by this. It was devastating.

Somewhat later, comparing notes with cis women, I learnt that this is now a thing that all tall women get. Thanks trans visibility.

Trans folks have different and sometimes interesting ways of approaching the pre/post situation. I have a friend who consistently refers to himself, rather curiously, to my ear, as ‘a man of trans experience’.

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