That Was Yesterday
Allison Washington

So, massive stroke in the right hemisphere, right carotid 100% occluded, so no blood supply at all.

That said, she is strangely functional, with no paralysis, only partial vision loss, moderate cognitive impairment, able to understand and talk a little. The docs are mystified by her functionality. (My theory: she wasn’t using that side anyway.)

But then again, she is probably still stroking. Her awareness waxes and wanes. The brain is swollen from the extent of the damage, and the pressure makes her chronically sleepy; if you don’t stimulate her she just drops asleep.

Did I mention that she’s 58? Should have 1/3 a life remaining, right?

I’ll be speaking to the neurosurgeon in the morning.

Pro tip: Lose weight, don’t smoke.

❤ Allison

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