This line is a prize.

Thank you Meg. ❤

In re the closing line, I was pretty pleased with myself. :-P I can’t resist a good pun. Makes translation a bitch, though…

About damage leading to art… seems to create a well of creativity…

It has done for me. This process (which has been unfolding for about 7 months now) has unleashed an aptitude and prolificacy that has truly surprised me. And maybe it shouldn’t: It is also therapy. It has revealed connections and connected understanding that nearly 30 years of therapy had failed to accomplish (not that therapy wasn’t necessary — it was — but that it was not enough). My latest unoriginal advice: If you want to heal, write.

I’m talking about tapping into the human experience in a way that transcends the individual.

This aspect has been weird and a little perplexing to me. I have tended to view my experience as pretty strange, rare, and I would not have anticipated that others would identify with me. The way I was raised and subsequently lived my life have been pretty different to the vast majority of people, cis or trans.

My autobiographical pieces are (duh!) strictly limited to the individual me. I make no attempt to generalise them, nor am I presumptuous enough to assume they extend to encompass others.

And yet evidently they do. The many responses I receive here and on Facebook, Twitter, email, convince me that, somehow, I speak for many. Most unexpected are cis readers (esp women) who see themselves in my stories. That feels very strange, and gratifying, and wonderful.

Meg, thank you for writing. ❤

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