Finding myself liking two of your stories.
Rik Bollen

Finding myself liking two of your stories. Your stories, I do like them, the writing, the honesty, the openness. Stories like I never read, although I know they exist —

Thank you Rik. They do exist, though very few were able to live as I have until just recently. So many more are able to live in their proper gender now. It is wonderful to witness.

But there is also this weirdness of hitting a ‘Like!’-button to such sad stories. Are they even sad? — there is a vast core of sadness I would say, even if there are also great victories.

Oh, please do click the heart, Rik! You can like the writing even of the tale is difficult to read.

There is sadness in all lives, and perhaps there was more than is common in my early life, that is true. The situation I was in is not a happy one, indeed, it can be a lethal one, even now.

I did have many hard experiences, but the sunny truth is that I survived and crossed over in a time when that was very difficult to do. I made it. Life is wonderful when you can live it as yourself.

So you leave me somewhat confused. As if that feeling is anything compared to the confusion you must have experienced. Still experience, perhaps.

I was very confused before my transition in 1989. When you have been taught that gender is fixed to sex and that there are only two possibilities, any experience that questions that is confusing. Kind of flat-earth vs round-earth — when you’re stuck on one it’s hard to imagine the other.

Since the day I learnt that I could transition I have never been confused at all, not about my gender, anyway. Not even a little. I’m good in this body now, and good with the world.

You have shaken my world. And for that I thank you.

You are most welcome. I hope the shaking was not too bad?

Thank you for writing, Rik.

❤ Allison

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