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We had a good time at Pride, and the kind response I’ve received here has helped a lot.

Unfortunately, this kind of attack is chronic, and has become more intense with recent public ‘debates’ over our right to access services and exist in public space. It comes in waves, where one piece will suddenly gain traction, then encourage others in domino effect. The piece in question here, for example, is now being sourced and spawning others well beyond Medium.

This round hit particularly hard as it is so close to home — the first I’ve encountered in my own sandbox, as it were. And these things are not just painful; they have real consequences, such as denying trans women who have been raped access to victims services and homeless women access to shelters (yes, a frequent problem brought by the ‘not real women’ argument).

Anyway, at those times when it feels just all-too-much, hearing from you really makes a difference. I am reminded that people are behind me and that my perseverance really is worth it. Thank you Larissa.

❤ Allison

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