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The story which triggered the Cracked interviews is My experience during the Trans Dark Ages.

I tell the story of my childhood in my Girl series. I touch on my teen years in Seventeen: Sex and the Trans Girl and Metamorphosis. My journey through trauma, therapy, and recovery is summarised in Cured.

Some of the challenges I’ve faced in my relationships with men are covered in Conflicted Romance, Love and Disclosure as a Trans Woman, and Three Times a Virgin. The story of the Trans Pride march which brought me out of the woodwork is told in The Kindness of Strangers.

There are short snippets from across my life in My Life in Moments and Twined Fragments, and, for a peek into what it’s like to be me, try What’s it like to be a trans woman? or even Do you ever get weirdly conscious of your labia?

There are even autobiographical stories that have little to do with trans, like That Was Yesterday, 86.2 kg. Again., What He Did to Her, and I Am (Not) Native American.

And there’s lots more where that came from — a brief biography and complete reader’s guide are found in Reading Allison.

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