‘Why do you want to know?’

This will not be published. It’s too angry to be published.

This was envisioned as a monologue, to be performed… So imagine, if you will, me standing alone in the spotlight on an otherwise darkened stage, wearing a floor-length skirt and an angry expression.

Because this monologue comes from a place of injury and deep hurt and rage. It is directed squarely at a cisgender audience, from a trans woman who has lived as a pretend cis woman for decades because this was her only option. This is her response to what she sees as her imminent forcible outing and the destruction of her life as she’s known it…

For my patrons, I have posted a piece I wrote one year ago; one month before I attended a Trans Pride march and wrote and published my first story.

In a way, it explains how I came to be a writer of the transfeminine experience. It explains how I came to this work unwillingly and of necessity. This is a substantial bit of work, over 2000 words.

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