Image: Pixabay

The author’s mother, somewhere in France, 1966.

Image:’s complete line of ‘LGBTQIA’ Mother’s Day cards. (Yea, here, have some ‘feedback’…)

This image was originally intended to be ironic; the 1975 girls’ comic from which it comes was part of the broad cultural backlash against ‘Women’s Lib’. It portrayed sexual harassment as a necessary and inevitable prelude to romance. Yep, that’s the context in which I came of age.

On the front page. Image: Pink News.

On love and gender dysphoria

Image courtesy of Cody Delistraty

The man in the mirror: Image by SergeyP, based on an original photo by Joseph Canger.

Allison Washington

Journalist & essayist. Reporting from Cairo.

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