GET the hell OUT

For the first time, I watched the critically-acclaimed movie, “Get Out.” I had an idea about the movie and what it was based on, but watching it, it was much better than what I had thought. The movie focuses on the heightened ability of African-Americans and the desire of white people to have that body. A Caucasian family is luring in black men and women through their daughter’s relationships and replacing a white person’s brain with the brain of their “subject.” The family saw this as a medical procedure, but they were taking a life away.

I think the whole idea of the movie is to point out that in our society, we focus on African-American’s for their athletic abilities and their bodies, but they still are not treated as equal people. Black people are always praised for how high they jump, how fast they run, and how athletic they are all around. Black men dominate the NBA and they are expected to because of the ability we assume they have due to the color of their skin. There have been times when recruiters from NBA teams would go over to countries in Africa to recruit black men to play for the league because they assumed they would just be naturally good at basketball. Well, they were not. Get Out shows that in America, we tend to label people based on the stigmas that we have heard and associate them with. We also tend to exploit their abilities and we make it where they are good at something due to their skin color. We also excuse our inabilities due to our race. “Of course I can’t jump, I’m white” is one variation of a common statement you hear and points to race being a factor in athleticism. Society needs to stop labeling races with stereotypes. Not every black person can jump high. Not every Asian is good at math. Not every white person is trash.