Cooking with MCAS: Tips, Tricks, & Substitutions For Minimizing Reactions & Maximizing Flavor

The image shows a white mortar full of whole black peppercorns, a white pestle, and more peppercorns sitting on a pale wood surface.

Where I’ve been. What I’ve been cooking. What’s coming next.

An illustration of a medical professional in full PPE administers a COVID-19 swab to a seated man in an orange shirt and black pants. The text reads, “Here is something I know:”

My Bag Of Shit I Can’t Live Without — AKA All Of My Rescue Meds For Normal Circumstances
  1. Before things seem truly urgent, drive several hours for a medical test. The hospital is already performing extra screenings, but in a cursory fashion — no one looks at you or your wife twice as you head to the radiology floor. Marvel at the hand sanitizer dispensers, which offer up…

Lyman Mills Housing in Holyoke, Massachusetts, ca. 1890

Allison Bird Treacy

Allison Bird Treacy is a poet, essayist, and professional ghost. You can see more of her work at

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