Second weekend of October.

Unimuke and Allison had a really fun and bubbly weekend. It’s almost scary how hard it is to remember the details. All that is known is that it was a really good time.

On Friday, each did not have class and went to eh 21er Haus Museum. Specifically, they wanted to see the art of Ai Wei Wei. They went with their friend Imre, who they only met once before. It was kinda a long journey, but the art was cool. Contemporary.

Later, U and A went to Cafe Leopold. The crowd was old, but the music was fire. The DJ played soul-funk, and U+A owned the dance floor. The two got very drunk off of vodka, wine (for him), and beer. On the route home, they stopped for kepap before taking a cab home from Hellingenstadt. And both swore it would be the last time eating kepap as a drunk food. Despite tasting good, it makes Allison want to barf the rest of the night.

Saturday, the couple woke up feeling all good as the sun shone for the first time after a week of rain. Allison experimented and made poached-egg salads for the two. They went near MuseumQuartier and walked around the busy streets before stopping at Cafe Burg, one of the new locals’ favorite spots. Unimuke ordered a hot chocolate, and a garlic soup for Allison. Both raved over their choices. Unfortunately, the waiter was a prick by being annoying with the bill.


Both didn’t want to cook so they decided to get Chinese. After copious amounts of research and clothing deliberations, they decided to dine at Xu’s Cooking near Burghalle Strasse. On the route, Unimuke came across a black hair salon, a gift from God. They arrived upon Xu’s Cooking to find it was a vegetarian Chinese restaurant. Both were skeptic, but the food ended up being very good. Unfortunate experiences included: being served bottled mineral water (gross) and hot wine (for the low though due to being generous American tippers). They went home and took it easy.

On Sunday, it was a slower start. Per usual, breakfast is no joke at Haus Panorama. Allison and Unimuke enjoyed their American coffee and egg/sausage sandwiches with some classic episodes of Spongebob.

Later on in the day, the two went to a hipster/millenial market. It was okay. They traveled to a new part of town, ran into Alexandra, and ate good chocolate desserts to hold them over before devouring Chinese desserts. They came home and did just that while watching Luke Cage and Anna Karenina.

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