1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC


a presidency borne out of an electoral win while losing the popular vote
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC
Dark Enlightenment the Neo-reaction Movement
Present Day 2017

Donald Trump — President aka Drama Don

Fake news 
Russia, Failing NYT, WaPo, CNN, MSNBC
Any fact that doesn’t fit the WH narrative at that time
Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
Robert Mueller
Democratic Politicians
Supporters of the Democratic/Progressive Platform
Anyone Drama Don feels like blaming at the moment 
Anyone or “thing” that does not sing Drama Don’s praises
Internal Leaks

Mike Pence VP aka Pathetic Pence
Kellyanne Conway Counselor to the President aka Conway the Con
Jared Kushner Senior Advisor to the President aka Wonder Boy
Sarah Huckabee Sanders Deputy Press Secretary aka Sadly Sarah
Anthony Scaramucci Communications Dir. aka Mouthy Mooch
John F. Kelly Chief of Staff aka Quicksand Kelly
Stephen Bannon Chief Strategist aka Baby Bannon
Stephen Miller Senior Policy Advisor aka Little Stevie
Sebastian Gorka Deputy Assistant to President aka Gassy Gorka
Hope Hicks Director of Strategic Communications aka Hopeless Hicks
Donald McGahn II Counsel aka Go Two Donnie

Jeff Sessions Attorney General of USA aka Soppy Sessions
Tom Price Health and Human Services Secretary aka Teeny Tom
Mike Mulvaney Office Management & Budget (OMB)aka Mendacious Mike
Scott Pruitt Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) aka Peon Pruitt
Steve Mnuchin Treasury aka Money Man Mnuchin
Betsy DeVos Education aka Backwards Betsy
Elaine Chao Transportation aka Choo Choo Chao
Linda McMahon Sm Business aka Little Linda
Nikki R. Haley United Nations aka Noisy Nikki
Ben Carson Housing aka Bedtime Ben
Wilbur Ross Commerce aka Wooden Wilbur
Rick Perry Energy aka Really Rick
Rex Tillerson State Dept aka T Rex
Sonny Perdue Agriculture aka Paltry Perdue
Ryan Zinke Interior aka Zesty Zinke
Alexander Acosta Labor aka Alex the Axe
David Shulkin Veterans Affairs aka Shucks Shulkin
Robert Lighthizer Trade Representative aka Retro Robert
Kevin Hassert Chair Council of Economic Advisers aka Hammy Hassert
Carl Ichan Special Advisor on Regulatory Reform aka Icky Ichan
Peter Navarro Dir. of Trade and Industrial Policy aka Nutty Navarro
Mike Pompeo CIA aka Palmy Pompeo
Dan Coats DNI aka Crinkly Coats
Christopher Wray FBI (awaiting confirmation) aka Wrangling Wray
H.R. McMaster National Security Advisor aka Muck McMaster
James Mattis Defense aka Monk Mattis
_______TBA________Homeland Security aka _____TBA____

Melania Trump Third Wife, Mother to Barron aka Third Wife
Donald Trump Jr. Namesake, Oldest Son aka Junior
Ivanka Trump Oldest Daughter aka Complicit
Eric Trump Middle Son aka Wannabe One
Tiffany Trump Youngest Daughter aka MIA
Barron Trump Youngest Son DON’T USE i.e. Off Limits!
Ivana Trump First Wife, Mother to the three originals aka First Wife
Marla Maples Second Wife, Mother to Tiffany aka Second Wife

Newt Gingrich Political Huckster aka. Gooey Gingrich
Roger Stone Political Dirty Cheater aka Slimy Stone
Jason Miller Trump Talking Head aka Milky Miller
Jeffrey Lord Trump Talking Head aka Lordy Lord
Paris Dennard Trump Talking Head. aka Perilous Paris

Sinclair Broadcasting (SBGI) Right Wing Propagandist. aka Soddy Sinclair
Breitbart News Right Wing Writers. aka Bananas Breitbart
Fox & Friends Right Wing Morning Show aka Fruit Flies & Friends
Newsmax Right Wing Propagandist aka Nothing News
Sean Hannity Right Wing Opinionator aka Howling Hannity
Kayleigh McEnany Right Wing Opinionator. aka Quacky Kayleigh
Boris Epshteyn Right Wing Opinionator. aka Boorish Boris
Rush Limbaugh Right Wing Opinionator aka Richie Rush
Bill O’Reilly Right Wing Opinionator aka Windbag O’Reilly
Ann Coulter Right Wing Opinionator aka Randy Ann
Mark Levin Right Wing Opinionator aka Loser Levin
Alex Jones Right Wing Conspiracist aka Bloviator Jones

Trumps base -
They see themselves as Supporters
Trump sees them as Submissive's, he talks and treats them accordingly

For the wonderful, witty, clever citizens of America and elsewhere in the world, I humbly offer you a jumping off point of some silly names I’ve come up with… Also Known As (aka). Have fun!!!